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      ACM Maneuvering Tactics


         2v1 is the best position to be in. 2v1 allows the leader and wingman to work together to defeat the bogie. 2v1 allows for several tactics, the only problem is that with the Hornet h2h arena being so close together, long distance planning is not a luxury you are granted. So below are the tactics that will work with the proper execution.

         One of the simplest maneuvers is the Break turn. Most of us know it as the turn we make when a bandit pulls on to our six. This also creates confusion for the bandit as now he has two aircraft to deal with and must make a descission as to which one to pursue. As the bandit makes his decission, the other flight member is given the opportunity to pull outside of Rmin for the missile shot.

      break.gif (3615 bytes)

         Next we have the Bracket. The bracket involves splitting up the lead/wingman formation (2) and giving the bandit two choices for a target. You must make sure you know where you wingman is before the bracket begins. When the bandit makes his choice, the other member must engage the bandit (3) and take him out.

      bracket.gif (4761 bytes)

         The next maneuver is the Drag. Again, the lead/wingman formation is broken up (2). But this time, one of the flight members will become bait for the attacker (3). This is also known as the drag and bag maneuver. The flight member who is not the bait should fly wide abroad the attacker to get a turn on him when he goes past following him wingman. This is an easier maneuver to accomplish as the bandit will usually go for the turning wingman and see him as a big fat juicy target. An even better scenario is to allow one flight member to hide behind a mountain ridge without active RADAR so that the attacker will not pick him up. When the attacker takes the bait, the flight member acting as bait should radio the other for the to start the "bag" part of the maneuver.

      drag.gif (2825 bytes)

      More to come on 2v1...

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